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Pacific Maritime Training College Computer Training

Today Pacific Maritime Training College conducted the first ever computing class in the new computer lab. A total of 10 students attending the GP course were present.

The new computer lab at the College is able to cater for about 20 students at one time. There are 20 computers installed with updated applications.

The 10 students, sponsored by Total PNG Ltd were very keen and excited to learn. Leading out with the training was IT specialist Ms Tania Veia from Micom Ltd. She gave a brief introductory lesson on computing and the different part to a computer. She was assisted by Ms Beryl Kana, a student helping out part-time at MiCom.

The trainees had a hands-on learning experience. For some, it was their first time to operate and use a computer. They expressed their gratitude and thanked Ms Veia and Mr Alobi for the initiative.

Mr Alobi pointed out that all GP students who pass through PMTC should have a basic knowledge of computing.

With the constant change in technology Pacific Maritime Training College gives trainees an opportunity to learn more than just the basic seamanship skills.

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