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"Day of the Seafarer 2016"

Today, 25th of June 2016, we celebrated the ‘Day of the Seafarer’ at Pacific Maritime Training College where we expressed our appreciation to the seafarers efforts worldwide, with over 1.5 million seafarers worldwide and billions of consumers dependent on the work of seafarers.

Virgil Toanchina, the Principal of Pacific Maritime Training College in Port Moresby was called to the stage by his grateful staff members in the school to present the value of seafarers worldwide. We are also blessed by the company of Lieutenant Commander Isaac Napitalai, the Based Technical Officer of HMPNGS Basilisk, who gave a talk today about his sea time experience and the seafarers training prospects for a bright future with the understanding of good structure and discipline a seafarer can provide by offering a very stable income for family members and a good life for those around him.

The talk was a huge success. Students and staff members alike were happy to have the chance to listen to wise words from highly experienced seafarers.

Pacific Maritime Training Collage covers courses from Basic Seamanship, GP and Rating Deck & Engine courses to Basic Safety Training, helping you learn the basics of the life of a seafarer. PMTC offers further education for seafarers wanting to learn more about, nautical, electrical and engineering courses and caters for all level of seafarer with stunning results countrywide

For more information, please contact us:

Here are a few photos from today's ‘Day of the Seafarer’

Seafarer's Poem

Miles away from Home,

Memories of loved ones and a back pack, I walk alone.

On a journey, as I travel the world around,

Have seen new places so profound.

I have sailed a thousand miles,

Across the lonely oceans frontiers.

Days at sea, not even a bird to sight,

The thought of being alone can’t get me through the night.

Even Mother Nature puts our will to test,

With a hell of unpredictable things without giving us rest.

She picks you up, throws you down, Blows you through,

As she casts her fury across the Ocean Blue.

Days into the rough seas And I have forgotten how to stand still.

She rolls and pitches on the stormy waters, as she gave me sleepless nights to kill.

What would my family do, if I was lost at sea?

Have I loved them enough?

Have I spent time that’s enough?

Have I told them what’s in my heart?

Have I saved enough?

Oh! Lord, Just One chance to make things right.

Hope you always remain a float,

That’s my only prayer to you my Boat.

As the storm settles, and the stars come out at night,

I feel so proud, that we are through the Fight.

This career is not for the faint hearted,

Even a boy returns a Man with balls of steel and a Lions Heart.

People say New Port, New Wife,

A wrong perception that overshadows a real SEAFARER’S life.

No wonder we are being paid so well,

But for a price we all have to bear.

Never to see our children grow,

Never to be with our children to walk them through,

Never to be with our wives, when they need us the most,

Never to be with our parents, when old age knocks their doors.

Never to be with our friends to enjoy a drink or two.

No family get-togethers and no thanksgiving meals to raise the toast.

Can’t believe how we manage to fight the daily odds.

But it’s a battle we fight, when it matters the most.

I pray for all the seafarers and their families,

May Almighty God bless them and make them strong, evermore.

And at last, a salute to those men lost at sea,

Died, trying hard to make things better for their families.

Sacrifice’s they made, are not to be forgotten.

There are many in old age homes, first at sea and now left all alone.

Loved Ones please bring them back Home

(Author: Unknown seafarer)

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