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pacific maritime training college
pacific maritime training college
pacific maritime training college
Pacific Maritime Training College (PMTC) as it exists today, is an expression of collective desire of its core task team to see the PNG Maritime Training and education scenario break from the clutches of its conventional passive role as a sluggish system unable to catch up with the changing maritime world, in to a dynamic, forward looking system, giving direction to the industry.
With the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW) 1978, as amended in 1995 and 2010 and the adoption of the ISM Code in 1994, training is not purely knowledge-based but also competence based, and PMTC now is doing its best to impart competence-based training.
PMTC has and it will contribute significantly in emergence of our country as an advanced seafaring Nation.
PMTC today offers courses in the areas of Safety and Security Training, Ship Management, Ship Engineering, Cargo, Navigation and IT for various shipboard ranks.
PMTC provide training for :
  • All enthusiastic seafares from PNG & Pacific Islander who want to have a career path in the Maritime Industry.
  • All sectors of the maritime industry, and it also offers management programmes for shore-based personnel of the maritime industry.
  • Shipping companies and their staff, and the regulators of the maritime industry.
  • ONS program on behalf of the environmental and marine conservation departments, specifically with regards to marine life and the o-zone and use of refrigeration gases.
The following website seeks to provide a vista into the PMTC, the team, its facilities, the organisation, registration methodology and the range of services offered.
Pacific Maritime Training College received approvals from the National Maritime Safety Authority to train in the following Sea-based disciplines:

Pacific Maritime Training College has organised a strategic relationship with Zhejiang International Maritime College in China the for the following reasons:

  1. Specialist Training of Trainer Programs

  2. Continued and further education for PNG Maritime students who wish to advance their qualifications

  3. Trainer and Student exchange program

  4. Sharing our resources

  5. Opportunities for Papua New Guinea ( and other Pacific Island) seafarers to find employment in the International Maritime Industry

The joint co-operation between Pacific Maritime Training College and Zhejiang International Maritime Training College is a natural progress towards lifting the standard of maritime training in PNG and the wider Pacific area to best international standards.

For more information on Zhejiang International Maritime Training College visit their website:

Certificate of Approval for Rating 1 cou

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PMTC President

Gabriel Magyari                      


ZIMC President

Jack Wang



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