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Mr Wiliam ILAU


Mr. William Ilau had served the PNG DF for many years.

Qualified Mechanical Instructor specialized in heavy equipment and machinery with qualifications from the Australian Defence Force.

Mr. Ilau joined the PMTC in 2015 and he is currently part of the Engineering training, staff specialized in teaching for engine operation principles, covering two and four stroke engines and associated systems.



His service in the PNG DF

In his years of service, he received trainings in following capacities;

  • PNG DF motor mechanic

  • for the PNG DF

  • Mechanic

  • Served as specialist to service motor vehicles for Ela motors, PNG motors and  Isuzu motors.


He oversee’s the practical training in the engineering workshop for engineering students.

He has recently received additional trainings in lesson preparations and internal auditor training at PMTC.  

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