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Mr Pombuai started his seafaring career with the Australian Navy, PNG Division.

His active service of 35 years with the Australian DF and PNG DF provided succession of trainings which enabled him to rise in ranks to become a squadron Coxwain in the PNG Navy.

During his service, he had received trainings from PNG DF and the Australian DF in the following areas;

  • Coxwain qualifying course

  • Safety equipment, Survival course

  • Markmanship

  • Navigation course

  • Instructor Development course

  • Small boat team pre-development training

  • Instructor management course

  • Warrant Officer qualifying course

  • Regimental Sargent Major

  • Leadership managemen course.

After completing his service with the PNG DF, Mr Pombuai served as a Master on domestic vessels from 2006 to 2012.

Mr Pombuai join PMTC as trainer for the nautical studies in 2015

His area of responsibility covers teaching all nautical studies subjects for GP and Deck Rating one and he also participates in teaching SOLAS courses.

Mr Pombuai has received trainings in lesson planning and internal audits from the PMTC

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