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 Mrs. Hayley KANA


Hayley Kana graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Education and has taught for three and half years prior to joining PMTC in 2013.

In addition to her teaching qualification, she has taken up trainings in;

  • HIV and Aids

  • Customer Service Skills

  • School Library Course

  • Literacy training and

  • Internal audits as per the ISO 19011 Standard


Hayley is responsible for all the students’ administration and enrolment into the college. Her duties cater for student’s screening and acceptance into the college, student time in the college, their welfare, and also ensure that the college is running well.


The registrar oversees the inflow of applications from students seeking entry to the

college. Though she may delegate the task among co-workers, she's responsible for

verifying information about each prospective student with his current primary school,

high school, or college. This information are evaluated against the college's requirements to determine

whether the college will accept or not accept the student.

The registrar makes the most of the college's resources by assessing requests to use space and equipment. To

determine when and where classes will meet, the registrar considers the subject, equipment needs, and

number of students registered for each course.

The registrar compiles information on the college's academic requirements, courses offered, and registration

procedures. Staff, prospective students, and current students can then find this information in school

publications such as course catalogues.

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