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Small Boat Operators

The boating Skills and Seamanship Program have been tailored by Pacific Maritime Training College (PMTC) into a series of courses that suits the PNG market. Depending on the sea time experience and the competency levels whether the professional certificates (are compliant with STCW 95) are sought, the courses vary from a basic 3-day practical course up to a 12 week professional.

These exciting programmes are unusual as there are very few courses one can do in PNG to achieve a nationally recognised qualification. This is the route for you if you want an exciting career at sea.

Our own unique programmes combine suitable modules to provide you with a comprehensive series of packages in Maritime Training depending on your requirements.
Become “Boat Smart”
You learnt the “rules of the road” before you sat behind the wheel of a car – and you should do the same before taking the helm.

Learning the basics of boat operation and safety is best done before your first trip to the mariner or launch ramp. In fact NMSA requires power boat operators to take a boating education/awareness course and carry a license or certificate proving that one has successfully completed a course on small craft awareness programme.

Participating in this course will teach how to properly operate and maintain a boat. Laws, Responsibilities and Personal Safety will also be covered. Passage of final exam is also another requirement.

Candidates must attend every session of the class in order to receive a Certificate.

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