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Magnetic Compass Adjuster

This training covers magnetic compass adjustment in detail and enables participants to perform adjustments on ships magnetic compass to eliminate or reduce compass error due to ships induced magnetism (deviation). The course will impart on candidates the principles, best practices, competence and tools required in the process of calibrating magnetic compass and taking into account the importance of conducting compass adjustments and repairs in a professional way in accordance with the rules and standards for testing and certification of magnetic compasses.
This training will imbed the must know knowledge and understanding to ensure that magnetic compasses are maintained in good working order, adjusted and for evidence, a table of residual deviations is made available to the ship owner and or master. Compass adjusters ensure that ships have onboard working compass in good condition to avoid major navigational disasters.
Even with modern design of vessels using electronic navigation equipment like the gyro compass, unexpected emergencies, like major power failures or electronic power malfunctions can threaten a vessel’s safe passage, thus requiring a fall back to the old magnetic compass as a backup even for today’s sophisticated modern ships.

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