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Pacific Maritime Training College (PMTC) is recognized as a nationally established sea training institution.  The College was founded in 2009 and is located along Elanese Street,  Konedobu, Port Moresby, National Capital District.
PMTC was recognized in 2009 by the National Training Council (NTC approval number:181) and National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA).
Pacific Maritime Training College is the only private Maritime Training institution in Papua New Guinea that offers a complete line of training programme that are specifically designed to help mariners to advance from Ordinary Seafarer to AB, Bosun, or Assistant Engineer, working on board of unlimited tonnage trading PNG coastal waters.
For your convenience, the following is a complete listing of PMTC programs that will lead to a specific qualification or endorsement.
1. Basic Seamanship Course for General Purpose (Deck and Engine), additional training may be required, including the completion of Basic Safety Training (BST);

Completion of the above-referenced minimum standards will permit you to work in an entry-level position GP (General Purpose) as a deck or engine hand.
2. Ratings Grade #1 Course - Rating Forming Part of Navigational and Engine Watch;

3. Able-Bodied Seafarer Course - Rating Forming Part of Navigational and Engine Watch (Bosun & Assisstant Engineer);
4. Certificate of Safety Training (STCW95/10) - Basic, Advanced and Refresher Courses (incld SAT);
         > Personal Survival Techniques (PST);
         > Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting (FIRE);
         > First Aid (FA);
         > Personal Safety & Social Responsabilities (PSSR);
         > Security Awareness Training (SAT);
5. Certificate of Security Training (CSO, SSO & PFSO) - ISPS Code;
'''We are continually designing, developing and delivering new courses for our customers. Please ask us about your tailor made course requirements so we can design and deliver it. Furthermore with our partners we design both sea based and shore based training programs. Enquiries are welcomed from government bodies, stevedores, freight forwarders, customs agents, ship owners, Law enforcement agencies, PNGDF Maritime Element (Navy), Oil and Gas Companies, Ship Repairers and more''
To find out how a Pacific Maritime Training College education can launch, or assist your career, please call us now.
The maritime industry is not gender specific.
We welcome both males and females who wish to train at PMTC.


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Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

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