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Port Security Guard

This training follows the IMO Model course 3.24, with the aim to provide participants with a firm understanding of the purpose of the ISPS Code and current maritime security threats and patterns relating to shipping and ports. The training provides awareness on the recent conventions that are applied at port facilities that facilitate international trade. Participants will be embedded with the knowledge of current security threats affecting maritime industry and sense the reality of today’s security issues on a global scale and how it can affect trade and commerce. Participant’s mindset will be enlightened to see the seriousness of current security threats ranging from piracy, terrorism, contraband, smuggling, collateral damage, cargo theft and etc. which affects shipping and ports all around the globe. This training aims to motivate participants to acquire the required knowledge and skills to perform their functions effectively to enable to the port facility they are engaged with to be ISPS compliant mainly to encourage and facilitate international trade.

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